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Updates to our Terms of Service

When we originally wrote our terms of service, we wanted to make sure that could not get in trouble if our users published source code they were not allowed to publish; for instance if they didn’t have a license for the source code. Based on this, our terms of service stated that users submitting […]

Today’s outage

Around 12:00 CET today, went down and was down for about 10 minutes. During this time, both the web site and git push/pull was unavailable. This is a short summary of what happened. We have been having performance issues with our database over the last few months. The main bottleneck has been our events […]

Web performance, part 1

After experiencing some really heavy loads on the server last weekend (which caused some 503’s – sorry again) we pulled down some logs from the servers and applied some grep and sed magic on them. We were a little surprised by what we learned. It turned out that over 20% of the requests to the […]

We’re in business. Literally

As mentioned in a previous blog post, is getting some new content. We’re launching the new today, and we’re really excited about it. Gitorious started out as Johan Sørensen scratching his own itch almost four years ago. After steadily getting more users and projects on board, Gitorious grew into a business in 2009 […]

Another update on the Sony issue

Yesterday we received a letter from Sony’s attourneys asking us to disable access to a list of projects hosted on The letter claims that the repositories in question provide circumvention of effective protection mechanisms built into Sony’s PlayStation 3, which would be illegal according to Norwegian law. Furthermore, Gitorious would be subject to direct […]

An update on the Sony DMCA issue

We have just sent an email to Sony’s legal attournes in reply to their DMCA takedown notice sent to us yesterday: Re: Demand for removal of claimed copyright infringing content from This is in reply to your notification of United States Copyright Law Violations at Listed URLs, dated February 1st 2011. As we confirmed […]

Update to Gitorious’ terms of service and privacy policy

We’re posting this short notice that the Gitorious Terms of Service have been updated today, to reflect the fact that is now run by Gitorious AS, a subsidiary of Shortcut AS. The changes are basically a find-replace of occurences of the Shortcut AS company name to Gitorious AS. The documents that have changed are: […]

DNS update

Just before Christmas, we had a DNS issue that made Gitorious unavailable for about an hour. In the post about that issue we mentioned that we would be changing our DNS provider, a process that was just completed this morning. DNS is a fairly self-sustaining system, so the change should not affect you in any […]

Gitorious is microblogging!

First of all: a happy new year to you all! As we mentioned right before Christmas, we have some great plans for 2011, and we look forward to a great year. Our first baby step in the new year is to start using microblogging to keep in touch with you. You’ll find Gitorious on […]

DNS fail

A few hours ago, our DNS provider shut down our account, affecting all services on We renewed the service, and all services should be operational again. We actually renewed the service (and paid for it) about a month ago, and they messed up. This affected all of us, and we’re really sorry about any […]