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Emergency reboot

One of our servers hosting the git repositories crashed due to an extremely high load and memory usage. We have to go through the filesystems checks like we did yesterday to ensure the data is consistent, but we’ve doubled the available memory on the server when it comes back up. Unfortunately this will take around […]

SAN maintenance at 11:00 CET

We’ll be doing an upgrade to our SAN infrastructure beginning at 11:00 CET. It’ll require a reboot of the servers in order for them to pick up the changes, which in turn may result in them having to check the consistency of their filesystems, this may take up to 40 minutes to complete. The good […]

Emergency reboot

We’ve had a serious crash of the webserver and we’re waiting for it to come back online (it’s currently checking filesystem-integrity). We’re investigating the reason for this, and will update as details emerge. Update 17:55 CET: We’ve one-third through filesystems checks, sorry to report this will take at least 20 more minutes or so. Update […]

Activity watching

Up until a few days the only way to stay updated on new activities across many projects was to either subscribe to a bunch of atom feeds or visit each projects overview page regularly. But that’s no fun. A few days ago we introduced a little star button next to repositories and merge requests. Clicking […]

Emergency reboot

Primary git filesystem had to be rebooted, currently checking the filesystem integrity. Site will be back up in about 15 minutes (there’s a lot of data to check). *Update* And it’s back

Repository permissions

Ever had the need to give someone permissions to triage merge request, but not give them commit access? Well, now you can, thanks to our new finer-grained repository access permissions. This also means to can set some users as reviewers (and committers), while the rest of the committers won’t get notified about new merge requests. […]

Stuck behind a firewall?

For those behind firewalls who block outbound SSH connections, we have now added a workaround for you. The SSH daemon for pushing Git repositories also now listens on port 443, however we use that port for other things (https traffic) on our main IP, we’ve added who listens on port 443. By adding this […]

Hi Maemo!

Maemo is a wide range of open source software for mobile devices such as the N810 internet tablet and the quite fancy looking new N900 phone, and they’re now officially starting to switch to Git and Gitorious, already has a handful of their projects, with more to come! Incidentally I’ll be speaking at the […]

Maintenance at 13:00 UTC [Completed]

We’re in a need to add additional resources to the server cluster, which means we have to take parts of the site down today (28th september) at 13:00 UTC. While the upgrade is a relatively uneventful thing, we may need to take down services for up to an hour to avoid things getting out of […]

Maintenance at 11:00 GMT [Completed]

In order to be able to easier cope with future expansion we’re taking down the site today (July 23rd) at 11:00 GMT for approximately 15 minutes. We’re doing some changes to the way the database is stored and thus we need to turn everything off during the switch, which should not take more than 15 […]