Announcing HTTP(S) pushing support

We’re happy to announce that Gitorious just added support for pushing over HTTP(S) protocol in addition to the existing pushing over SSH. This is especially good news for developers whose organizations’ network policies don’t allow for outgoing SSH connections and for people traveling (for the same, network related reason).

You can do the following now:

git clone
cd repository
... make changes and commit ...
git push

You will be asked for your Gitorious username and password. You can use email instead of username if you prefer. It can be annoying to enter your credentials on every push and there are ways to automate this. You can use git’s built in credentials helper or you can add the following lines to .netrc file (_netrc on Windows) in your home directory:

 login <username>
 password <password>

Because you save your password in plain text make sure .netrc has minimal permissions.

HTTP pushing is now enabled for all repositories on and it will be part of Gitorious 3.2 (soon to be released).

For you geeks out there: HTTP access to repositories is now handled by gitorious-http-backend, a HTTP server wrapping git-http-backend, adding authorization and concurrency on top of it. For more implementation details feel free to browse the source code.

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