Powow AS acquires Gitorious AS

With Gitorious 3 just about to be released, we’ve got some more news that we’re really excited about.

The current Gitorious team has been working full time on Gitorious since January 2011, and over the last two and a half years we’ve managed to improve the quality, stability and feature set in Gitorious – while running Gitorious AS as a profitable business. The company today has three full time employees who work exclusively with the Gitorious software, gitorious.org, and supporting all the organizations out there depending on Gitorious for their day-to-day work.

Looking back, we’ve accomplished most of the goals we set out with when we founded the company.

However: looking forward, we realize that we’re in the same situation as many startups: we don’t have the energy and motivation to take Gitorious to the next level. The company is at a good place, but we strongly feel that Gitorious needs fresh blood and new ideas.

It was very important to us that our community and commercial customers would not be left hanging, and we started looking for a new steward for both the project and our company.

It was crucial to us that the new owner of the Gitorious project (and company) shared our most important values:

  • free/open source software

  • amazing support and customer service

  • hacker culture

  • devops/continuous delivery

  • test-driven development

  • being profitable as a result of doing what we love, not a goal in itself

We found the perfect match. Powow is a Norwegian-Polish Ruby consulting company which consists of some of our biggest heroes in the Ruby community. They will be in charge of the Gitorious project and Gitorious AS the company going forward.

Powow was founded in 2008 as a small software consultancy in Norway. Since then the company has expanded and built a great team of highly skilled and experienced developers. While originally a consulting shop, the company had already started shifting towards more product-centric work when we got in touch with them.

We’ve already started the transition, and while working with the new team over the last weeks we’ve been very impressed with their skill-set and values, not to mention how quickly they were able to start shipping features. Also, with several members of the team being long time Linux/UNIX users, we’re confident the operations and support offerings of the business is in even better hands than in the past. And as you can see, the new Gitorious team is bigger than the current one.

This is good news for both the Gitorious community and our enterprise customers. The new team has some great plans for the future, which I’m sure they’re anxious to share with you over the coming weeks.

Say hello to the new team

team_piotr Piotr Solnica – co-founder of Powow, software developer with almost a decade of experience. Ruby and JavaScript pro. Clean code and TDD evangelist. Open source hacker and Ruby Object Mapper core developer. Currently romancing with functional programming paradigms.
team_marcin Marcin Kulik – passionate software developer breathing HTTP since 2001. Ruby professional. Fluent in many other programming languages. Open standards proponent and open-source contributor. Linux geek. The man behind ascii.io.
team_adam Adam Pohorecki – aspiring software craftsman and TDD evangelist. Founder of SCKRK. Organizer and facilitator of code retreats and unconferences. Inventor of Ping-Pong Pomodoro Pair-Programming and bogus – a next generation Ruby mocking library.
team_pawel Pawel Pierzchala – Software Craftsman from Kraków. Code Retreats organizer and coach. While not coding or reading white papers for next SCKRK meetup, busy watching spaghetti westerns.
Mariusz Mariusz Ciesla, designer and wannabe developer. Really bad at maintaining balance on a skateboard.
team_rolf Rolf Bjaanes, developer, coffee geek, and as chief happiness officer of the company he’ll mainly be working on the business side of things. In his own words, “every developer’s hunt for the best editor ends up with Vim, Emacs or a management position.”

Next steps for Gitorious the open source project

The current team is focusing on finishing the work on Gitorious 3. It will be deployed on gitorious.org for battle-hardening next week, and will be made generally available with installers and the works shortly thereafter.

Once Gitorious 3 is out, you’ll start seeing more of the new team on the mailing list, IRC channel and blog as the Powow team transitions into being main committers and owners of the project. Development will commence with the new crew on-board. The AGPL licensing and terms of the open source project remains unchanged.

The main change for the Gitorious community is that the project will get an infusion of capable, proven, and outgoing open source developers with fresh ideas and energy. And they are dying to start talking with you about the roadmap going forward!

Next steps for Gitorious AS the company

Our customers keep telling us that the support they get from us is their main reason for choosing and staying with us. We know that a key part in providing good support for customers is trust and personal relations.

First and foremost, we’ll make sure service and support stays consistent and responsive while we pass the torch to the Powow team. We will get in touch with all our enterprise customers over the next few days to introduce the new team and make sure all concerns are addressed. Christian, Thomas and I will be working with the new team for as long as it takes for them to become fully self-sufficient with all aspects of the business.

Also, once Gitorious 3 is ready and has been proven stable, we’ll schedule time for upgrading all our customers’ servers. We will be doing this work together with the new team to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

As of today, Gitorious AS is formally 100% owned by Powow AS.

A final word from the founders

As this is probably the last post we’ll be writing on this blog, Thomas, Christian and I would like to thank the community, our customers and other supporters for some really good times over the last few years. Gitorious wouldn’t be where it is today without you. We trust that you’re in the best of hands going forward.


  1. Posted August 22, 2013 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for your great work so far, Marius, Christian and Thomas! You rock!

    Congratulations for the deal!


    • Marius Mathiesen
      Posted August 23, 2013 at 7:18 am | Permalink

      Thanks, Rodrigo. And thanks for all your help and contributions to Gitorious!

  2. Craig Oda
    Posted August 26, 2013 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Marius, Thanks for all your work building up Gitorious into a successful site. I live in Silicon Valley and have been following the progress of Gitorious and GitHub for some time. I’m sitting in my office in San Francisco now, which is physically close to GitHub. There’s a lot of buzz around this company.

    Gitorious always struck me as having enormous potential. I am really curious to see what Powow AS does to expand the services of Gitorious and what their plans our for a physical presence in the US.

  3. Ole Morten Amundsen
    Posted October 24, 2013 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

    Hats off for you guys! I’m full of awe and admiration. Please share your experiences with us on the next ruby meetup, irb.no


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