Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gitorious v2.4.12 is released (security update)

Three new vulnerabilities have been fixed for Ruby on Rails, on which Gitorious is built. Read¬†the original Ruby on Rails sec-list announcements¬†for further details. The steps for upgrading are, as usual (from within the root gitorious clone/source directory): git fetch –tags git merge v2.4.12 git submodule update –init bundle install We advise all users running […]

Gitorious v2.4.10 has been released

  As a refreshing change from the security-related versions of Gitorious over the last weeks, we’re glad to announce that version 2.4.10 of Gitorious was just released. This release contains fixes several bugs in Gitorious, among these: Fix broken pushes with sync messaging adapter Fix layout for global system message Fix mass-assignment related bugs Include […]