Gitorious 2.4.0 was just released

Update: Version 2.4.1 was just released; the upgrade instructions have been updated to use this version instead.

We just pushed version 2.4.0 of Gitorious. This will be the last minor release of Gitorious before version 3, which brings Rails 3 to Gitorious.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Rails has been unvendored from Gitorious, and updated to the lastest release in the 2. x series of Rails
  • The Ultrasphinx plugin has been replaced by ThinkingSphinx

Since Ultrasphinx is no longer used by Gitorious, you will have to change any references to Ultrasphinx in init scripts or crontabs. ThinkingSphinx ships with a couple of rake tasks, one of which will shut down your search engine, rebuild the indexes and start the search engine afterwards. Gitorious ships with a wrapper binary for rake, which means you can execute rake tasks without chaning directories/user etc:

/path/to/gitorious/bin/rake ts:rebuild

This command will execute the `ts:rebuild` rake task with the `production` RAILS_ENV, from the correct directory and changing to the Gitorious user (unless already done). The same goes for any other scripts in the bin directory, including `bundle` and `console` (load a Gitorious console).

As previously announced on the mailing list, the Gitorious project now uses the git-flow branching model, which means that the master branch should be considered stable, and that daily development happens on the next branch. This means that today’s new release caused the following:

  • A branch was started off the next branch and the 2.4.0 tag was created
  • This branch was merged into the next branch
  • This branch was merged into the master branch

To upgrade your Gitorious server to 2.4.0, follow the instructions on the wiki.

The 2.4.0 release also contains the following minor changes and bug fixes (from the release tag):

  • Allow configuring Memcache
  • Extract logic for custom initializer/yaml file pair
  • Allow configuring Resque with a remote Redis host/port
  • Change Gravatar URL generation, as reported in #137
  • Fix failing and irrelevant tests
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