Gitorious on Rails 3 – Take it for a spin

The Rails 3 upgrade is for the most part done, and we have “all systems go”. I’m back to working on Dolt (the upcoming repository browser for Gitorious) and the general UI upgrades. In the meantime, we need help testing the upgraded Gitorious and make sure everything really works.

If you’re interested in helping out, here’s how:

If you have set up Gitorious using the official installer, an upgrade script will be made available at a later point. If you have a commercial license from us, we will upgrade your install once the new version is stable.

If you contribute to Gitorious, or are interested in doing so, you’ll be happy to learn about the two new script/instruction sets for setting up Gitorious. Installation has traditionally been somewhat painful for Gitorious, due to the many moving parts. I’m happy to announce that installation is simpler with Gitorious 3, and we now provide official scripts to do so. Check out doc/ and doc/ I’ll get back to more on this in an upcoming post on the blog.

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