Gitorious 2.3.2 released (small hotfix for installation/db setup issue)

We just tagged version 2.3.2 of Gitorious.

This is only a minor hotfix. The update resolves an intermittent issue in some Gitorious environments/database setups due to a database migration script from earlier this year. There is some discussion of the issue at the Gitorious Google Group.

From the version tag description:

Resolve issue with an older database migration.

An old migration (committed february 2012) caused intermittent issues
in some Gitorious installations depending on how the
environment/database is set up. This fix makes the db migration in
question play nice.

We’ve added a description of how to upgrade to this minor version in (see Upgrades -> “Upgrading from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2”).

Short story: this is only an important change for you if you’re seeing the below message during setup or upgrade of your Gitorious rig:

==  MakeProjectMembershipPolymorphicOnSubject: migrating ======================

— add_column(:project_memberships, :content_type, :string)

   -> 0.0062s

rake aborted!

An error has occurred, all later migrations canceled

Mysql::Error: Table ‘gitorious_production.content_memberships’ doesn’t exist: SELECT * FROM `content_memberships`

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