Gitorious 2.3.1 released

We just tagged version 2.3.1 of Gitorious.

To upgrade your installation, follow these instructions.

The highlights from the changelog:

Gitorious CLI scripts, unicorn/nginx support, bug fixes

This release introduces command line scripts for interacting with a
production Gitorious environment. These scripts reside in
$GITORIOUS_ROOT/bin, and (contrary to what’s in script) all will:

* Assume a production environment (specify RAILS_ENV for overriding
* Switch to the user/group specified in gitorious.yml – no need use
* Set up the correct environment (no need for bundle exec)
* Change directory to your Gitorious root
* Will work with exec; you do not need to spawn a shell script to set up
environment variables etc. This means you can use these scripts directly
from cron, upstart, sysvinit, systemd

We also added support for running Gitorious under Nginx by sending
X-Accel-Redirect headers instead of the X-Sendfile headers used by
Apache with mod_xsendfile. Look at the frontend_server setting in
gitorious.yml and doc/templates/nginx.conf.sample for how to set up

Other bug fixes and minor improvements:
* use `git gc –auto` from script/repo_housekeeping
* start using a replacement pagination library
* provide templates for Upstart configuration files in
* patch Rails to not send empty Set-Cookie headers when running behind
Unicorn. This makes Gitorious play nicely with eg. Varnish
* make rake resque:work load the processors
* provide a sample Unicorn configuration file

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