We’re in business. Literally

As mentioned in a previous blog post, gitorious.com is getting some new content. We’re launching the new gitorious.com today, and we’re really excited about it.

Gitorious started out as Johan Sørensen scratching his own itch almost four years ago. After steadily getting more users and projects on board, Gitorious grew into a business in 2009 when our friends at Nokia helped us provide some great new features – and Shortcut AS took on the responsibility of running Gitorious as a business. Starting January 2011, gitorious.org and the development of Gitorious as a project is done by the separate entity Gitorious AS, employing two full time employees.

Today, we (as in Gitorious AS) are announcing some new commercial offerings we think will both facilitate the continued success of gitorious.org and help companies use Gitorious internally. Our new web site provides more information about our offerings, so please have a look!

Gitorious.org will continue being free for FOSS projects. This is also the main reason we have no current plans of offering support for private projects on gitorious.org.

Companies and organizations who want to support us in offering this service for free to the free software community should consider our subdomain offering, which is a way to sponsor gitorious.org. For companies using or considering using Gitorious internally, our local install offering includes the services required to make this as painless as possible. Please note that we will keep working on simplifying the installation process of Gitorious, like we did when we added the Bundler library to our software stack.

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for helping Gitorious become the success it has become. There are tens of thousands of users using Gitorious every day, and exciting new projects turn up on gitorious.org all the time. We’re thrilled to have the oppurtunity of improving the service and keep adding features that makes life easier for FOSS developers.

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