Monthly Archives: March 2011

Improved SSL support + IPv6

As of today, has vastly improved SSL support. You are now free to surf through https only, should you wish to do so. Previously, our SSL support has been restricted to a few select actions, and there has been redirects from https to http. With today’s deployment, will never redirect you away […]

Today’s outage

Around 12:00 CET today, went down and was down for about 10 minutes. During this time, both the web site and git push/pull was unavailable. This is a short summary of what happened. We have been having performance issues with our database over the last few months. The main bottleneck has been our events […]

Web performance, part 1

After experiencing some really heavy loads on the server last weekend (which caused some 503’s – sorry again) we pulled down some logs from the servers and applied some grep and sed magic on them. We were a little surprised by what we learned. It turned out that over 20% of the requests to the […]

We’re in business. Literally

As mentioned in a previous blog post, is getting some new content. We’re launching the new today, and we’re really excited about it. Gitorious started out as Johan Sørensen scratching his own itch almost four years ago. After steadily getting more users and projects on board, Gitorious grew into a business in 2009 […]