Monthly Archives: February 2011

Another update on the Sony issue

Yesterday we received a letter from Sony’s attourneys asking us to disable access to a list of projects hosted on The letter claims that the repositories in question provide circumvention of effective protection mechanisms built into Sony’s PlayStation 3, which would be illegal according to Norwegian law. Furthermore, Gitorious would be subject to direct […]

Gitorious moves Gem management to Bundler

In two weeks, on March 4th, we will merge a branch into Gitorious master that requires your attention if you’re running Gitorious locally and intend to keep it up to date. This is also a notice to all of you who have installation guides out there (thanks a lot!) to update them once the change […]

An update on the Sony DMCA issue

We have just sent an email to Sony’s legal attournes in reply to their DMCA takedown notice sent to us yesterday: Re: Demand for removal of claimed copyright infringing content from This is in reply to your notification of United States Copyright Law Violations at Listed URLs, dated February 1st 2011. As we confirmed […]

Gitorious receives DMCA takedown notice from Sony

This morning Gitorious received a DMCA takedown notice from Sony. The notice addressed quite a few repositories on that are hosting various PS3 related code. Norwegian law commands us to respond to such notices by removing potentially copyright infringing content until it’s legality can be fully clarified. For that reason, some of you have […]