Monthly Archives: January 2011

Update to Gitorious’ terms of service and privacy policy

We’re posting this short notice that the Gitorious Terms of Service have been updated today, to reflect the fact that is now run by Gitorious AS, a subsidiary of Shortcut AS. The changes are basically a find-replace of occurences of the Shortcut AS company name to Gitorious AS. The documents that have changed are: […] will “go away”

For some time, our web server has been configured to present to you even if you access through (no redirect, it “just works”). As Gitorious is now a company with its own employees, we will be re-purposing In one week from now, on February 7th, will be home to our commercial […]

DNS update

Just before Christmas, we had a DNS issue that made Gitorious unavailable for about an hour. In the post about that issue we mentioned that we would be changing our DNS provider, a process that was just completed this morning. DNS is a fairly self-sustaining system, so the change should not affect you in any […]

Versioning Gitorious

As a service to users with Gitorious installed on their own server(s), we’ll be giving Gitorious a version number. We’re aiming at cutting releases on a semi-regular schedule (like once a month). Hopefully, this will make it easier to know if and how to upgrade your instance. We will provide a changelog that summarizes new […]

Gitorious is microblogging!

First of all: a happy new year to you all! As we mentioned right before Christmas, we have some great plans for 2011, and we look forward to a great year. Our first baby step in the new year is to start using microblogging to keep in touch with you. You’ll find Gitorious on […]