Monthly Archives: May 2010

Emergency reboot

One of our servers hosting the git repositories crashed due to an extremely high load and memory usage. We have to go through the filesystems checks like we did yesterday to ensure the data is consistent, but we’ve doubled the available memory on the server when it comes back up. Unfortunately this will take around […]

The Gitorious Facelift

For the past year, Gitorious has grown tremendously and we have seen an increase of over 1000 percent in both visitors and pageviews. We have added some new features and functionality and now, we have given Gitorious a solid facelift. For the past three months we’ve been working on a redesign of Gitorious and we […]

SAN maintenance at 11:00 CET

We’ll be doing an upgrade to our SAN infrastructure beginning at 11:00 CET. It’ll require a reboot of the servers in order for them to pick up the changes, which in turn may result in them having to check the consistency of their filesystems, this may take up to 40 minutes to complete. The good […]